Part of the Orolia Group, Spectracom is a world-leading provider of GPS/GPSS signal management solutions on which many Finance, Carrier, Broadcast, Transport, Aerospace, Military and Government customers depend for precision timing and synchronisation across a wide range of navigation, communications and trading applications.

We work closely with Spectracom to provide our customers with the high performance NTP servers (Network Time Protocol) and IEEE-1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol) Grandmaster Clocks they need in order to apply precision timing to their critical applications.

As a result, we not only improve timing accuracy for a wide range of transportation and communications applications, we also help retailers and e-commerce companies who process more than 50,000 American Express transactions per month or 1,000,000 via VISA, Mastercard or Discover to deliver on their PCI DSS 10.4 compliance obligations. In addition to this, we help Financial Organisations to meet FCA MiFID 2 rules compliance.