Supporting business-critical decisions and ICT procurements with unquestionable numbers

To know the performance envelope and resiliency of your network fabric and security devices, as well as their ability to reliably deliver new services and business-critical applications, you need to test them against all the possible scenarios for which they will be expected to perform.

Ixia’s solutions are used by owners of large networks to generate stateful application traffic and malware to measure exactly how their network and security devices will perform under the stresses and scenarios of active use.

Furthermore, Ixia’s channel business model focus means that partnering with technically-capable providers such as Phoenix Datacom is imperative to growing its own business and reach in the UK. Having partnered with both Ixia and BreakingPoint Systems (BPS) for many years (and prior to the Ixia acquisition of BPS), we have an excellent working relationship and combine as a formidable force to improve the performance of customer networks, applications and cyber-security protection environments.

Professional Services

Sometimes, customers need to test their devices or perform bake-offs between solutions under consideration but do not have the equipment required to do so. In such cases, we work with our partners at Ixia to provide fully-tailored Professional Services to help the customer make informed decisions.

This has become very popular in recent years with customers turning to us to help them find which DDoS Mitigation solution is best suited to their environment, which Intrusion Prevention System provides the best protection from signature-based malware, and even producing a Resiliency Score to measure network & data centre performance, security and stability.

Please contact us if you require further information and let us know if you need to speak to an Engineer with Security-Clearance.