Your connection to the internet is the primary channel by which cyber-criminals enter and sensitive data is exfiltrated.

Despite decades of investment in web security, employee web access continues to present one of the most significant cyber-security risks. And whether you like it or not, your employees need to access the Internet.

Garrison Technology was founded to solve one of the most difficult cyber-security dilemmas facing modern organisations – how to get immense benefit of the Internet without being exposed to its risks.

Garrison’s SAVI platform provides the secure means to click links and visit web sites that contain malware, but without the malware being able to reach the network or endpoint.

This is not the same approach as VDI-based solutions that lack scalability, and ironically have their own security vulnerabilities. We like to think of it as being similar to an airgap network, but without any of the drawbacks in Quality of Experience or user-acceptance.

As Garrison’s partner for the UK, we can show the you the SAVI platform in action and integrate the solution to your environment. You can even see it in action in our multi-million pound Cyberlab.


Partner products supplied and supported by Phoenix Datacom in the UK