FireEye’s virtual machine-based sandboxing technology works to prevent the types of sophisticated Zero-Day (signature-less) and Advanced Persistent Threats designed to circumnavigate traditional security measures.

As technology leaders operating at the coal-face of the ever-evolving cyber-security protection landscape, our colleagues at FireEye understand that technology alone does not always prevent a determined hacker from getting through – and that is why, with the acquisition of Mandiant in December 2013, FireEye now protects customers in 3 different, but complimentary ways:

  • Compromise Assessments of customer networks to identify targeted intrusions and recommending steps for swift re-mediation and prevention of future such breaches

  • Security Incident Response Management to provide a report of attackers’ activities and evidence of IP theft, and where attackers are still active in the networked environment

  • Malware, Zero-Day and Advanced Persistent Threat analysis solutions that alert on suspicious files and empower customers to safely execute and inspect them in a controlled sandbox environment.

Phoenix Datacom and FireEye

As a FireEye Gold partner, we have provided many of our customers with FireEye solutions to protect their networks and critical data from Zero-Day attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Furthermore, as trusted advisers to our customers, our Security-Cleared Engineers work closely with our colleagues at FireEye to perform both Compromise Assessments and Incident Response Management, or to put it bluntly, we are the people our customers call when they think they have come under sustained attack or may have been breached.

More information about these services can be found here from where you can also make contact with us and if need be, indicate if you would like to speak to one of our Security-Cleared Engineers.