The huge growth in bandwidth demand and new on-line data applications has greatly increased the complexity of network monitoring for both performance and security issues.


This complexity shows in both the number of potential monitoring points and the requirement to correlate activity at different points of the network. At the same time, existing monitoring tools may become obsolete as transmission links are upgraded. In addition to this, connecting devices for specific monitoring tasks can cause service disruption and scheduling problems.

These problems can be overcome by implementing a network monitoring layer that can filter and aggregate traffic before routing to one or more tools.




We can help you build multiple feeds to enable centralised access and monitoring of IP Packets by grooming traffic at multiple tap points on your network to provide 100% network visibility, and deliver Lawful Intercept requirements and obligations.


A monitoring mediation layer can provide you with further return from your monitoring devices in many ways, including:

  • Filtering – so that only traffic of interest is sent to each specific monitoring tool

  • Selective aggregation – routing traffic from many network segments to one or more tools

  • Load balancing – routing traffic to a group of tools to maximise their performance

  • Rate and media conversion – extending the life of GigE tools on 10Gbps networks

  • Remote tool deployment – minimising site visits and service disruption

  • Packet Optimisation – for packet de-duplication, packet fragment reassembly, MPLS, VLAN and VN-Tag stripping, packet slicing & time stamping.

If need be, we can assess your monitoring needs and resources as a professional service, and then design a suitable Monitoring Mediation Layer that will make best use of your monitoring tools, allow you to filter out the noise to spot real issues, and give you the flexibility to respond to changing requirements.