Are you happy with the performance of the white-labelled services and applications you bundle to your customers? Are your customers happy? When you put your company name to an out-sourced service, application or appliance, it pays to know it won’t let you down.


As more and more Carriers bundle extra services (for example Storage, Disaster Recovery, Firewalls, DDoS Mitigation and VoIP) with connectivity in order to reposition themselves as Managed Service providers and enjoy new revenue opportunities, the end customer has never had it so good.

But with extra choice comes extra complexity: do you really want to risk your good name and monthly recurring revenues because of a failure that is not your fault and where the resolution is out of your hands?

Does it do what it says on the tin? – It’s all in the numbers…

When you shortlist and compare appliances and cloud-services for value-added resale and bundling, you want to make sure the datasheet promises are genuine, accurate and ready to be associated with your company name.

For example, two competing Firewalls or DDoS Mitigation solutions may appear to provide the same level of protection and resiliency at first glance, but when your customers’ uptime, your reputation and bottom line are at stake, you need to know, without a shadow of doubt that your chosen solution will perform as per the numbers claimed by the vendor. The only way to know this for sure is to test each solution or service against all the possible scenarios, instances and strains of sustained, active use.


Differentiation for your Sales & Marketing Teams

End customers have more choice today than at any previous point in time. They can procure solutions and applications from a wide variety of vendors and providers, or they can choose to source them from you or any number of your competitors.

If you have tested (for example) all the major Firewalls available today and as a result selected your vendor, whether you choose to divulge the Firewall name or badge it as your own, a key differentiator will be that you have tested your Firewalls, performed bake-offs between the major competitors your customer may consider and can provide the clear numbers required to demonstrate the difference, and just as importantly, the added value of choosing you over the competition.

How many of your competitors can match that?

Our solutions and Professional Services in this area include Ethernet, real-world application traffic generation and security attack tests to measure and validate a wide range of applications and security appliances, such as:

For Applications: Application load | Application security | Server capacity | Cloud VM | Contact Centres | Cyber range | VoIP | Video Services | Hadoop and Data Centre migrations.

For Security: Firewalls | Next-Generation Firewalls | DDoS Mitigation | Data Loss Prevention | IPS/IDS | Anti-Virus | Anti-Spam | VPN.