Is your network sufficiently protected to automatically switch individual traffic lines or groups in less than 30ms? Do you need better control of you SDN/NFV physical infrastructures? Can you automatically reconfigure network and data centre traffic during peak times, or make manual changes remotely?


As demand increases for higher speed data and reduced network downtime, leading Carriers, Service Providers and large Data Centre owners are now Switching in the optical domain.

Not only do all-Optical Circuit Switches (also known as Optical Matrix Switches) avoid the cost and power requirements of signal conversion to electrical and back to optical again, they are also agnostic to bandwidth and protocols – and this means future proof.

Enhanced resiliency with automated network protection

Your network is your business. Your customers and channel partners rely on its successful running and continued up-time. But what happens when link capacity becomes strained during peak times? Worse still, how quickly can your network traffic re-route in the event of a link break or network failure?

As the growth of latency-sensitive and bandwidth-hungry applications adds further strain to Peak time ‘Elephant flows’ across the network and data centre, the need to set thresholds that trigger automatic reconfigurations with sub 30ms reactions slips from a ‘nice-to-have’ to critical for efficient network and data centre performance and up-time.

Furthermore, with breaks in fibre and network failures across the world’s Carrier Network Ecosystem an inevitability, the power to automatically re-route data through your desired paths without affecting SLAs becomes a very compelling proposition.

The use of Optical Circuit Switches at the network edge allows you to increase control and resiliency by setting rules that instantly come in to effect the moment a potentially damaging event takes place. The ability to manually control the network at the optical layer from remote locations adds to the control and flexibility that results from vastly improved network and data centre resiliency.

The low-risk path to SDN and flexibility it will bring

The adoption of Optical Circuit Switches at the edge of your network, and between network and vendor domain boundaries effectively virtualises your legacy and Next-Generation resources and technologies that form the fabric of your optical transport network, allowing them to co-exist under a single control plane.

The Optical Circuit Switches at the network edge allow any client side resource to be connected to any network resource and support network-wide Software-Defined control of the optical layer.

The result is a more flexible Software-Defined optical network far more capable of easy footprint expansion regardless of network equipment vendor domain boundaries.

The most comprehensive range of all-Optical Circuit Switches in the world

As a result of our exclusive UK collaborations with Calient Technologies and Polatis Networks, we can satisfy all of your requirements for single mode and multimode Optical Circuit Switching projects regardless of application, size and complexity.

Off-the-shelf single mode switch units start with port counts from as few as 4×4 up to as many as 384×384.

We also provide and support fully-tailored Optical Switches based on your unique requirements. Please contact your Phoenix Datacom Account Manager for more information, or contact us here.