As a long-term partner and supplier to the UK Carriers, we understand the challenges in rolling out new technology and services and the importance of testing, monitoring and maintaining services to give your customers the best possible uptime and end-user Quality of Experience.


We understand that your network needs to keep up with customer and channel partner demands for the bandwidth, speed and resiliency required by new Cloud services.

Furthermore, as the need for latency-sensitive applications such as VoIP, Financial Trading and IPTV continues to rise, pressure on the connectivity provider to deliver “right first time and on time” is higher now than at any previous point in time.

In such a competitive and ever-evolving business environment, our Carrier customers work with us to help them expand their network footprints, make their networks faster and more resilient, and to make sure they are able to keep up with the demands of bandwidth-hungry services and applications.

As some Carriers reposition themselves as Managed Services Providers, we are helping them verify the white-labelled services and solutions of their outsourced partners before they are rolled out to the end customer – as well as helping them monitor and improve network and services performance and measure the agreed SLAs.

On a practical level, the most common ways for which we help our Carrier and Service Provider customers include solutions and professional services to provide:

With its well-known technical expertise, Phoenix Datacom previously supported us with the development of our standard MPLS service verification for which we were extremely impressed, so naturally we turned to Phoenix Datacom as we sought to upgrade our ROADM network to 100Gbps.

Service Development Manager at Vtesse Networks

Our Clients for this industry include

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