We understand the pressures to improve output, reduce defects and lower capital expenditure.


Such trends will continue to drive pressure until such time that technology advancements or new processes are significant enough to spark a new generation of efficiency gains.

Traditional models dictate the procurement of test & measurement equipment for each site that requires such use, or that staff should travel between sites in order to utilise the desired equipment.




This has always been the Modus Operandi, and whilst test equipment has become more easily accessible through various rental and leasing options, the point remains that costs need to be reduced and productivity has to rise.



T&M Automation with Optical Circuit Switches

Major new efficiencies can be realised when introducing Optical Circuit Switching to manufacturing and R&D. Connecting your test & measurement equipment to an Optical Switch effectively moves your resources online and brings instant savings in time and costs, including:

  • Availability of your test & measurement equipment 24 hours per day

  • Ability to use your equipment regardless of your physical location

  • Far less time to set up and configure the appropriate test configurations

  • Cost savings through significant reduction of test units procured and the associated costs for servicing and calibration

  • Huge reduction in travel time and associated expenses from your Test Engineers and Technicians

  • Reduction in power usage – supporting your organisation’s green initiatives

  • Reduced regression test and product release cycles for faster time to market.


Automating your test & measurement equipment also reduces the number of steps involved with setting up the tests you need: typically from 5 steps with traditional test models, down to 3 steps; saving time, money and precious resource.