Prove your layer 4-7 security and network products conform to published specifications

The only way to truly know that your products and solutions will excel in the real-world is to test them with extreme real-world traffic, scenarios and impairments.

Putting your products and solutions through all the possible scenarios required at the R&D stage, as well as passing stringent QA tests are time-consuming but critical processes.

We can help you ensure your content-aware devices perform as required with solutions that generate high volumes of application-layer traffic with blended stateless and stateful security attacks, and by replicating the latest known hacking and denial of service attempts. In addition to this, we can help you ensure the behaviour and performance of network elements is as expected by emulating the conditions of packet-based networks under various conditions, speeds and with traffic-affecting impairments.

Our validation and impairment solutions and professional services allow you to:

  • Verify that your IPS/IDS, Next-gen firewalls & DDoS mitigation devices can detect and mitigate known malware and attacks

  • Use authentic, real-life traffic and malware to see how your network and security appliances will perform in live environments

  • Simulate millions of end-users at line-rate to find the tipping points of network and security appliances

  • Run thorough tests on single devices as well as fully-staged network and security environments.