As Service Providers seek to spend less on new equipment testing and firmware release regression testing, how do you retain a competitive advantage and guarantee to ‘get it right first time’ across both basic and complex infrastructure requirements?

The challenge has never been tougher and stakes have never been higher. Fortunately, in Phoenix Datacom you have a partner able to provide you with the capability to test and validate your security appliances and network devices – such as intrusion detection/protection systems, DDoS mitigation solutions, firewalls, Ethernet demarcation devices, switches, routers, proxies, load-balancers, bandwidth shapers and more – using real-world conditions to check they conform to the required specifications, and if need be, to stress them to find their absolute performance envelopes.

Furthermore, for Network Equipment Manufacturers seeking to drive down R&D and Manufacturing costs without affecting product quality or performance, we at Phoenix Datacom can enable you to automate your test environments and make them available 24/7 to all staff regardless of physical location.

The most common ways in which we help our Network Equipment Manufacturer customers include:

  • Layer 7 traffic generation and analysis with complex mixes at wire rates of up to 100G

  • Threat vulnerability testing of security and DPI solutions

  • Wire speed Ethernet traffic generation for functional and stress testing of Ethernet/IP devices

  • Automated functionality and performance testing of complex multi-media devices over voice, data and video networks, such as smart phones, tablets laptops and games consoles

  • Accurate emulation of network conditions and impairments for testing devices under real-world worst conditions

  • Centimetre-event high resolution OTDRs for testing short fibre assemblies and connectors

  • Test and performance analysis of RF and CATV systems

  • Electrical and all-optical matrix switching to enhance lab functionality and automation.