Keeping your customer network secure and performing optimally is critical to your business, so knowing the performance envelope and resiliency of the network and the security measures you have in place is equally as important – particularly as the need for more bandwidth and network coverage continues to grow, and the frequency of new malware continues to rise.


We can help you here by emulating the behaviour of millions of mobile users to help test, measure and validate your network and data centre performance. We can recreate more than 220 application protocols, including AOL® IM, Yahoo!® Mail and Messenger, Google® Gmail, Skype®, BitTorrent™, eDonkey, RADIUS, SIP, RTSP, RTP, HTTP, SSL, Facebook®, Twitter Mobile, YouTube®, and Apple® FaceTime®, as well as other mobile, social and gaming protocols – with Multicast support.

We can even simulate malware, large-scale DDoS attacks, and mobile-initiated botnet attacks to highlight previously unknown weaknesses. We can stress network infrastructures with more than 35000 security attacks and pieces of malware (including mobile malware) – plus obfuscations and evasions.