The growth in voice, video and data traffic brings huge opportunity for extra revenue through the marketable anonymous information already available in your traffic flow.


Mobile Network Operators rely on us to design, provision, build and where necessary, manage a monitoring mediation layer that takes samples of selected network traffic flows and aggregates them as required to provide real-time, anonymous market information hugely valuable to retailers, e-commerce companies and other customers.


Critical strategy and marketing decisions are made on the basis of the real-time traffic flow analysis, so Operators are held to strict SLAs for real-time information delivery. We are therefore an invaluable partner providing topology design and centralised access of data tapped from multiple locations – providing 24/7 access and support so your customers receive the critical information they are paying for as per their agreed SLAs.


Traffic access quick case point

In order to support its monitoring environment, we have installed and now fully manage an inline traffic grooming service for a major UK Mobile Operator.

As network structures continue to change with the roll-out of 4G/LTE, we work diligently to provide technical expertise and quickly resolve any issues that may arise within the network. Our customer is reliant on the successful and efficient running of this managed service in order to meet its monitoring requirements and customer Service Level Agreements.