Despite the huge growth of voice, video and data traversing Mobile Operator Networks, feature enhancements of legacy monitoring solution’s capabilities have not moved at a relative rate – the result is that real-time analysis is no longer enough and Mobile Operators now require predictive information in order to retain a competitive advantage.


Using Big Data analysis to provide end-to-end and hop-by-hop precise performance metrics, we can empower you to improve network performance, accurately configure your SDN/NFV-enabled networks and identify root causes faster than at any previous point in time.

Our Jolata TruFlow platform allows you to efficiently leverage your existing resources by reallocating bandwidth as needed, in real-time, by following the migration “paths” of network traffic and subscribers – this allows you to:

  • Control deployment of new resources by targeting “hot” locations, and potential deployment mobile cell units as needed

  • Offer new services to groups of subscribers based on their communication “graph”

  • Provide key performance indicators (KPIs) to customers to show conformance to the subscriber’s Service Level Agreement

  • Significantly reduce root cause analysis times by pin-pointing performance issues to specific paths, segments and links with flow-level granularity.

Furthermore, TruFlow can improve your operational efficiency by focusing on problems with the biggest business impact and pro-actively adapt service quality based on real-time and predictive network feedback.

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