To know the performance envelope of your network infrastructure and devices, as well as their ability to reliably deliver new services and business-critical applications, you need to test them under a wide range of scenarios prior to deployment.


Business demands for new services & applications do not always consider the cost and planning implications for their efficient and reliable delivery. This can result in delayed roll-outs and poor application performance.

We can reduce your time to deployment and boost new service success by providing day-to-day and worst-case scenarios with:

  • Emulation, simulation and reproduction of the unfavourable conditions of IP and wide area networks in a controllable and repeatable lab setting

  • Latency testing, packet delay variation/synchronisation and time stamping with absolute timing accuracy and propagation (IEEE 1588, PTP, SyncE, OAM etc)

  • Tests, verification and performance characterisation, functionality and behaviour of Ethernet devices and network infrastructures from 10/100/GigE to 10Gig, 40G, 100G and even 400G

  • Generation of stateful applications and malicious traffic that simulate millions of real-world end-user environments to test and validate infrastructure, a single device, or an entire system.

Such tests and validations show you exactly how your infrastructure and devices will respond over a sustained period of time – so you know exactly what you can deliver to your business now, and what you will need to upgrade to satisfy emerging services and applications requirements.