The huge popularity and growth of mobile devices, new interactive apps and customer expectation of instant web response are putting tremendous pressure on Mobile Operators.


Regardless of what is stated in your Service Level Agreements, advances from 2.5G and 3G to 4G LTE have brought a certain expectation from the end-user; a consistently high Quality of Experience (QoE) required at all times. Furthermore, with independent providers now offering to buy customers out of their existing contracts long before they expire, 24 month agreements are no longer a guarantee of customer loyalty and monthly recurring revenue.

We can help you to further improve your customers’ QoE by allowing you to systematically and objectively evaluate the service actually seen and heard by customers when interacting with mobile services delivered to handsets & tablets over your network – and the networks owned by your competitors.


To do this, we help you monitor the end-user QoE for key services and technologies, including: TV, OTT, interactive services, error messages, black screens, visual channel change times, Video MOS, Audio MOS, Apps’ availability & responsiveness, ringtone, PDD, MOS-LQON (ITU-T P.862-1), web page loading and upload/download rates.

The 3 bases of the mobile Quality of Experience we cover include:

  • Availability of services delivered over the network

  • Actual user response time for critical transactions

  • Retrieved content conformity and perceptual quality of video and audio.

Furthermore, to help you benchmark your customers’ QoE with that of your competitors’, we can subscribe you to your competitors’ services and compare end-user QoE for Voice, Video, Audio, Interactive, Applications’ availability & responsiveness, PDD and web page loading – all from your strategic site locations.