Phoenix Datacom – helping you build and maintain a competitive advantage with a network that consistently exceeds customer expectations for coverage, availability and quality of experience.


Our proven capabilities designing and managing complex network traffic grooming real-estates provides our Mobile Network Operator customers with the means to generate revenue opportunities far beyond those associated with consumer and business phone contracts.

Held to strict SLAs for real-time marketable information based on mobile data use, location of users and other anonymous criteria, Operators rely on us to provide selected aggregation to get traffic to the right place at the right time.

Furthermore, due to our deep understanding of Mobile and Fixed transport networks, our customers depend on us to provide critical solutions and professional services to build, validate and troubleshoot their networks and security infrastructures, including:

  • Location of faults in optical fibre network links with centimetre event accuracy

  • Verifying new Ethernet backhaul links with RFC 2544 & ITU-Y.1564 validations

  • Provision of IEEE 1588v2 precision timing accuracy for synchronous Ethernet

  • Reducing latency by following every packet across the network with microsecond granularity

  • Automatic fibre network/data centre reconfigurations in less than 30 milliseconds with Optical Circuit Switching

  • Bake-offs between security solutions under consideration, such as DDoS and IPS/IDS

  • End-user Quality of Experience improvement for voice, video, data and availability.

“Phoenix Datacom is a key technology partner for us as we strive to be the leading UK Mobile Operator for coverage, availability & customer satisfaction.”

Head of Network Strategy, a leading UK Mobile Network Operator