Do you measure the performance envelope and resiliency of your network and security devices before you adopt new services and applications? The closer you get to roll-out, the more expensive defect fixing becomes. It pays to be in the know.


Business demands for new services & applications don’t always consider the cost and planning implications for their efficient and reliable delivery. This can result in delayed roll outs and poor application performance. How do you know your switches, routers and service provider connections will deliver as expected? Will your security appliances provide the required protection? And can they do so without creating peak time network data bottlenecks and the associated affect to end-user Quality of Experience and productivity?



Validating your network and security devices is a more simple process that you may think:

  1. Implement the new system, service, application/cloud application or network device in your test lab/network environment

  2. Run your desired tests against performance metrics and measure network/device tipping point if required

  3. Roll out the new service/application/devices across your infrastructure and the wider business environment

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each major system/device/software update.

Your critical systems and applications can only be as good as the end-to-end network used to deliver them. Work with Phoenix Datacom to make sure your business-critical network, systems and applications do not leave your workforce twiddling their thumbs and your customers looking elsewhere.