The Satellite Time & Location (Spectracom STL) service from Phoenix Datacom uses the Iridium satellite constellation to provide UTC source resilience to GPS-based time signals. This supports the demanding needs of financial systems.


A stronger signal

Located 500 miles above Earth (compared with GPS positioned 12,000 miles away), STL signals are 1,000 times stronger than GPS, and therefore can penetrate windows and interior walls to provide a convenient, yet highly-secure source of UTC.

This negates the need to install new roof-based antennae – providing you with a truly convenient and easy-to-install source for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clock accuracy.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is also available for other applications.

STL – a highly secure signal

GPS was never designed with financial systems in mind. Signal strength is weak and with exception to Military applications, can be interrupted or even spoofed.

A one-way broadcast using an encryption licence key specific to each subscriber, the STL signal is almost impossible to spoof; offering the strong and consistent means to make sure your GPS time source and time server are backed up with a robust source for UTC resiliency.



STL is available in the Spectracom SecureSync appliance and the STL module can also be added to previously purchased SecureSync appliances.

MiFID II precision time synchronisation

MiFID II compliance is due no later than 3rd January 2018. Click here to learn more about the 5 primary time synchronisation requirements of MiFID II.