Whether you know you have been compromised (either by external malicious parties or accidental internal breach) or you wish to be more resilient to cyber-attacks in general, where do you start?

All organisations are unique, and as you may expect, this presents different threat vectors, varying types of cyber-criminal and of course many different motives and levels of sophistication behind the attacks.

Keeping your staff alert and vigilant with good processes and procedures in place will do no harm in protecting your organisation, but such measures alone are not enough.

With this in mind, we have created a platform of cyber-security protection in depth (listed below) comprising various security layers from our carefully selected partner ecosystem designed to close the door on the types of known malware and targeted attacks taking place right now and the unknown (signature-less) threats of the future.

Think you have been breached? Learn about our Cyber-Security Incident Response & Re-mediation Professional Services.