From control processes to authentication, accurate time stamps are used by billing systems, network diagnostics, digital forensics, retail and financial services as well as backhaul and mobile networks. Are you compliant to the latest standards, with a robust and reliable timing infrastructure?

Highly accurate and reliable time has been an established component of the execution and monitoring of high frequency trading in the financial services industry for years, and the inexorable rise of e-commerce brought its own requirements from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

PCI DSS 10.4 compliance explicitly demands critical systems have correct and consistent time, the time data is protected, and the time setting is received from industry-accepted time sources. Solutions from Phoenix Datacom have provided dual redundant GPS systems to organisations looking to meet or exceed these standards.

Monitoring the accuracy and consistency of time distributed over the network ensures packet based timing protocols, including NTP and PTP, are not affected by increasing traffic loading or network route changes. From local tests to verify NTP performance with portable, GPS disciplined devices, to transnational, distributed systems we have solutions to match.

Testing against standards is the best way to ensure your latest equipment will perform the required Boundary Clock or transparent clock functions with the minimal impact on your timing distribution architecture. Whatever timing device or source you are considering; we can probably test it for you.