When faced with multiple end-user devices and even multiple delivery networks, it can be hard to see how to ensure your customers receive the right experience.

This leaves a service provider with a desk full of devices and an operator randomly checking services on a multitude of devices. With our solutions, we can act as a synthetic user, connected behind real devices and connected to your system behind any network. This way, we can ensure that the complete journey taken by the end-user works as expected with all KPI’s reported with trending. If anything goes out of range an alarm is sent.


Some of the devices we can connect behind include:

  • STB’s

  • iOS devices

  • Android

  • PC/MAC

  • Connected TV’s

  • PS3

  • Mobile (3/4G).

Some of the services that can be monitored include:

  • Voice (SIP, PTSN, Mobile)

  • Video (IPTV, OTT, Linear, catch-up and VoD )

  • Data (Web, Citrix, Applications)

  • Mobile (Voice, Text, HTTP).

We can even provide the ability to control devices as an end-user would do so and analyse the result on the device. This means you can run 24/7 performance and availability checks on any service or application that can be run on the end-user device.