Phoenix Datacom helps you retain customers by providing content delivery quality improvement from both the network/CDN (QoS) and end-user’s perspective (QoE)


Traditionally, content providers were only able to measure quality from a QoS perspective, monitoring the Content Delivery Network and ensuring that the internal delivery system was up and running. However, in today’s media networks, we face challenges where parts of the content delivery ecosystem are not monitored, or are out of our control.

The only way to ensure that the complete end-user journey from opening an application, finding content to playing the video is to perform tests from the perspective of the end-user – and only then can you be 100% sure that the required end-user experience is truly achieved.





For measuring performance from the end-user’s perspective (QoE) our Witbe range of Robots can reproduce end-user interactions with real end-user devices and provide KPI’s to ensure your customer has the QoE you strive for.

Robots are available for Broadband, Android, iOS, STB, Connected TV’s, CDN monitoring, Voice and Mobile. As the Witbe solution works behind end-user devices, it also allows for benchmarking your services with other providers and your competitors.

For QoS, our BridgeTech range of Probes provide full system availability and performance KPI’s for IPTV, OTT, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DVB-T/T2 and protection switching. This complete set of interfaces provides a complete end-to-end system-wide view to ensure a swift resolution to any faults across the Content Delivery Network.