Understanding the Over the Top (OTT) system is key to providing a robust streaming method to your customers.


By nature, media traffic delivered Over-the-top (OTT) requires the use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN), and this means a large part of the delivery network is under someone else’s control – leaving you with a black hole in network visibility.

Due to the growth of streaming services such as NetFlix, Amazon Prime and Blinkbox, OTT is fast becoming the transmission method of choice, and ever-more demanding consumers expect the same level and quality of service as they do with traditional broadcast delivery methods – even though you probably do not own the entire network delivering the content.

Suddenly, ensuring that you can really see the performance and availability of your services, as well as understand why they may be degraded is of paramount importance.

We provide a complete tool set enabling you to demystify the CDN and internal OTT infrastructure allowing you to set and deliver KPI’s on the entire OTT delivery system, as well as the information to pinpoint issues as and when they occur.