Ensuring excellent in-home performance for Voice, Video and Data is imperative for retaining customers in today’s complex networks.

In such a fast moving and competitive market space, performance promises must be kept. It is no longer enough to look at a playout centre to understand the delivered quality.

You need to understand the In-home experience, either by simulating the home, or actually monitoring in the home.


Customers expect perfect performance from their broadband and Wi-Fi as well as a faultless journey through the services you provide. This expectation is becoming more prominent with services like High Definition TV (HDTV).

You have to ensure that not only is the broadband and Wi-Fi installed correctly, but also the services are available and the journey through your services is understood from the customer’s premises.

With our comprehensive range of in-home solutions, we can provide the means to ensure perfect installation of the Wi-Fi network (first time around) as well as long term monitoring of the Voice, Video and Data services that it delivers.

Whether your network is provided over Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite or 3G/4G-LTE, Phoenix Datacom has the solutions and support to help you ensure high performance in-home for Voice, Video and Data.