Whether it’s a STB, tablet or PC, the ability to run multiple end device application tests is paramount for stable and reliable applications.

New release testing is vital if continuous improvements are to be made to the application. With our solution that is intelligent and flexible enough to act as a true user connected to an end device, we can ensure that the complete journey that the end-user takes works as expected.

By controlling actual devices we can accurately provide KPI’s that are meaningful for the developer to improve the code.

Furthermore; we can ensure that middleware systems important to the user journey through the application are performing, and if not, provide fault finding information to help rectify them.


We provide and support solutions that can connect behind

  • STB’s

  • iOS devices

  • Android

  • PC/MAC

  • Connected TV’s

  • PS3.

With a range of features the solution has the ability to control devices as an end-user would and analyse the result on the device.

This means you can run 24/7 performance and availability checks on any application that can be run on the end-user device and provide KPI’s to ensure that your application become more robust and stable from each release.

Featured Products for Is your STB or Mobile Application stable?: