From acquisition to final delivery, the end-user quality of experience is always the key consideration for any broadcaster. However, the advent of IP and OTT delivery mechanisms comes with a complete set of new challenges for the broadcaster. The ability to understand the broadcast ecosystem from start to finish is the only way to ensure an excellent Quality of Experience for the end-user.

With our suite of solutions to measure and monitor the entire broadcast chain we can instantly visualise areas of concern. Inspection from Satellite and Terrestrial acquisition points and along the IP/OTT/CDN layer all the way to the end-user device (iOS, android, STB etc) ensures a complete picture of the ecosystem can be displayed and monitored.

On top of the content delivery is the need to ensure that the middleware and supporting infrastructure (i.e. user authentication and EPG service) are performing optimally. By ensuring these services are also preforming you can safeguard that your end customer enjoys a completely reliable journey through every stage of the experience.

The most common ways for which we help our Broadcast and Media customers include:

  • IPTV Monitoring for IP and ETR101 290 compliance and performance (up to 10GE line rates).

  • Satellite (S/S2/S2X) and Terrestrial (T/T2)  monitoring

  • Test and performance analysis of RF and CATV systems

  • CDN Monitoring and Analysing for Availability and Performance of OTT content

  • Visual and audio impairment monitoring (MoS scoring)

  • VoD content publication and quality checks

  • End-user device application development, testing and monitoring

  • Accurate emulation of network conditions and impairments for testing devices under real-world worst conditions

  • Electrical and all-optical matrix switching to enhance functionality and automation of the network.

With the advent of end-user device applications and CDN delivery of OTT content, Phoenix Datacom can provide solutions to radically reduce the time to test and release new client applications for almost any end-user device.


Some of our Broadcast & Media customers inlcude:

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