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Generating revenue from network traffic flows

5G and the apps it carries enable new revenue streams for Mobile Network Operators

And whilst these revenues can exceed those from handset and contract sales, safely preparing the traffic needed to enable them requires a blend of technology and expertise...

This is where we at Phoenix Datacom bring value with the design, provision, and management of a Network Traffic Filtering layer that copies anonymous traffic in just the right places and sends it to monitroring and intelligence tools in a format they can understand.

We provide this service to a Mobile Network Operator under strict SLAs, enabling it to make money from things like location-based advertising, retail site planning, and other mobile related services.

Whether you already have a Network Traffic Filtering capability that you want to upgrade, need a specialist partner to manage it, or indeed want to start afresh on the road to additional revenue from your network traffic flows, contact us today to discuss your needs.

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Phoenix Datacom is a key technology partner for us as we strive to be the leading UK Mobile Operator for coverage, availability & customer satisfaction.

Head of Network Strategy, a leading UK Mobile Network Operator

Validating 5G mobile networks

5G enables many new and enriching applications like autonymous vehicles, edge computing, and mobile HD streaming.

But these opportunities come with a pressing need to get things right first time, and this is where we can help with the generation of millions of mobile subscribers using real, latency-sensitive, and bandwidth hungry applications to show how the network – and the services themselves – will cope under multple scenarios.

Contact us to discuss your needs and hear how we enable this for other Network Operators.

End-user Quality of Experience (QoE) visibility and benchmarking

Advances from 2.5G to 5G have brought a certain expectation from the end-user; a consistently high QoE

And with other providers offering to buy your customers out of their contracts, signed agreements are no longer a guarantee of loyalty and monthly recurring revenue...

We can help you improve customer QoE by objectively evaluating the service experienced by customers when using apps and services delivered over your network – and those of your competitors.

To do this, we help you monitor QoE for things like: TV, OTT, interactive services, error messages, black screens, visual channel change times, Video MOS, Audio MOS, apps availability & responsiveness, ringtone, PDD, MOS-LQON (ITU-T P.862-1), web page loading and upload/download rates.

The 3 bases of the mobile Quality of Experience we cover include:

  • Availability of services delivered over the network
  • Actual user response time for critical transactions
  • Retrieved content conformity and perceptual quality of video and audio

Furthermore, to help you benchmark your customers’ QoE with your competitors, we can subscribe you to their services and compare end-user QoE for Voice, Video, Audio, Interactive, app availability & responsiveness, PDD and web page loading – all from your strategic site locations.

Please contact us to discuss your QoE Monitoring needs.

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