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Enabling cyber surveillance over legacy and high speed networks

From copying WAN links to actionable intel and everything inbetween - we have your needs covered

We understand the technical needs for delivering cyber surveillance. But as Network Operators upgrade to 100G, some of the tools used for surveillance over legacy networks are not suitable for 100G. We know where to find these differences and what to do about them...

High-fidelity, actionable intel

The time taken to reach high-fidelity, actionable intel can vary depending on the network technologies and transport signals used by the Network Operators you work with.

And with this in mind, we have created a suite of solutions to help you at every step of the way, not just from Tap to actionable intel, but also ensuring your end-to-end  infrastructure is always finely-tuned.

Auto Discovery

Now you have copies of traffic… do you know the network transport technology being used? Is it Ethernet or OTN? What is the wavelength? With growth of network links, data, and transport technologies, we can bring automation to content discovery to with rapid WAN network survey and high capacity unsampled network metadata generation.

Traffic Aggregation

Now that you have identified the transport technologies, you want to send traffic to your desired destination, but with 100G network growth, there is so much to process that we think introducing Automation to mass fibre link scanning and sending content to desired locations will enable surveillance continuity over 100G networks.

Traffic Decryption

You can’t analyse content until it has been unlocked, and to do this you need to decrypt at high speeds with dedicated line rate decryption layers– in short, your decryption tools should not be tasked with performing any other function. Our decryption tools can unlock traffic at line rate and feed it striaght to the next step in the process…

High Speed, Lossless Packet Capture

Once the content has been unlocked, you may wish to store the critical ingredients needed for full forensic reconstruction, and you can’t do this with full fidelity unless you have every single data packet regardless of traffic level or packet size.

Our Toyo Sysnesis solution is an all-in-one portable packet capture system that continuously captures and stores every packet at up to 100Gbps.

Learn more about our Toyo Synesis platform here.

Fast Forensic Reconstruction

Now with the full copies of everything, you will want to quickly reconstruct and analyse the content of interest – essentially, find the actionable intel you seek. And this is another area for which we excel thanks to our Niksun platform that quickly reconstructs precise detail of things like web pages, chat, email, and other IP sessions from raw data packets.

Validate and Tune

Let’s not forget; you need to know the end-to-end tools and processes work, and the only way to know is to test everything with massive scale real application mix background traffic, malicious traffic, and encrypted traffic profiles.

Our Keysight PerfectStorm, and PerfectStorm ONE platforms can generate high speed network traffic, inject malware and application mixes, and simulate millions of end users and environments to help you test your end-to-end surveillance capability.

Security that evolves with your cyber-landscape

If you want to address new challenges, harden existing controls, or explore a new technology, we are here to help you at every step of the way.

Test & System Automation

Accelerating innovation and productivity with a new generation of efficiency gains

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Since 1984, we have grown to become a strong and unique company trusted by the UK Government & Ministry of Defence and by some of the most well known Network Operators, Enterprises, and Financial Organisations.

We pride ourselves on our high standards and commitment to providing postive outcomes for our clients.

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