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It's all about the Quality of Experience

From acquisition to delivery, end-user quality of experience is always the key consideration for any broadcaster

However, IP and OTT delivery come with a set of new challenges, so understanding the broadcast ecosystem is the only way to ensure an excellent end-user Quality of Experience, and with our solutions to measure and monitor the entire broadcast chain, we can instantly visualise areas of concern.

Inspection from Satellite and Terrestrial acquisition points and along the IP/OTT/CDN layer all the way to the end-user device (iOS, android, STB etc) ensures a complete picture of the ecosystem can be displayed and monitored.

Monitoring Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

Poor CDN performance and blind spots can instantly affect your customer’s Quality of Experience.

Relied upon by NetFlix, the BBC, and many more, our real-time analytics platform lets you streamline CDN log file analysis from multiple sources to better understand the relationship that latency and user behaviour have with streamed video, applications, and web site performance. It can also alert you to illegal attempts to access your content.

Whether you are a CDN Provider or use CDNs for your own content delivery, contact us to discuss your needs and hear how we can integrate and even manage our CDN monitoring platform for your environment.

What’s happening to your OTT traffic?

Understanding the Over the Top system (OTT) is key to providing a robust streaming method to your customers

However, by nature, media traffic delivered Over-The-Top requires the use of a Content Delivery Network, and this means a large part of the delivery network is under someone else’s control – leaving you with a black hole in network visibility...

Due to the growth of streaming services such as NetFlix and Amazon Prime, OTT is fast becoming the transmission method of choice, and consumers expect the same quality as they do with traditional broadcast delivery even though you probably don’t own the entire network delivering the content.

Suddenly, ensuring that you can see the performance and availability of your services – as well as understand why they may be degraded – is of paramount importance.

We provide a complete tool set enabling you to demystify the CDN and internal OTT infrastructure allowing you to set and deliver KPIs on the entire OTT delivery system – as well as the information to pinpoint issues as and when they occur.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Understanding IPTV at all levels

IPTV is replacing compressed video and Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) for delivering live television, catch-up, and Video on Demand (VoD). However, ASI was not sent over an IP network, so along with the benefits that IPTV brings, understanding the IP delivery network and the middleware devices that may affect transmission is key to success.

Whether you need to load you network with IPTV, Monitor, fault find, or modify the traffic to stress your network; we have a solution to help.

For over 15 years, we have been providing Bridge Technology IPTV solutions. We can help you build a reliable network to carry your video – and install a monitoring solution providing detail on every aspect of your IPTV content to ensure issues can be pinpointed immediately.

Download our BridgeTech Product Catalogue

Our PacketStorm impairment and emulation tools will enable you to modify and stress the network to show how a wide range of possible scenarios will impact IPTV delivery and quality.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Ensuring a high QoE and QoS for your content

Helping you provide content delivery improvement from both the network/CDN (QoS) and end-user’s perspective (QoE)

Traditionally, content providers were only able to measure quality from a QoS perspective, monitoring the Content Delivery Network and ensuring that the internal delivery system was up and running. However, in today’s media networks, we face challenges where parts of the content delivery ecosystem are not monitored, or are out of our control...

The only way to ensure the complete end-user journey from opening an application – finding content – to playing the video is to test from the perspective of the end-user – and only then can you be 100% sure that the required end-user experience is truly achieved.

For measuring performance from the end-user’s perspective (QoE), our Witbe Robots can reproduce end-user interactions with real end-user devices and provide KPIs to ensure your customer has the QoE for which you strive.

Robots are available for Broadband, Android, iOS, STB, Connected TV’s, CDN monitoring, Voice and Mobile. And as our Witbe Robots work behind end-user devices, they can also benchmark your services with other providers.

For QoS, our BridgeTech range of Probes provide full system availability and performance KPIs for IPTV, OTT, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DVB-T/T2 and protection switching. This complete set of interfaces provides a complete end-to-end system-wide view to ensure a swift resolution to any faults across the Content Delivery Network.

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