Last night (in a dis-used bank vault) we hosted our latest event in the area of cyber-security protection, this time focussing on improving the performance and resiliency of an organisation’s existing security measures.

With our partners from Application Performance and Security Resiliency company Ixia, we explored the security layers that can be hardened to improve resiliency and the methods for doing so.

Our event covered the following areas:

  • How to gain a better understanding of the performance envelope of your security solutions’

  • Practical methods for improving the performance and resiliency of Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention/Detection (IPS/IDS), AntiVirus and email security solutions

  • How to use the world of cyber-crime to improve your organisation’s ability to offensively defend itself against cyber-attacks

  • Better ways to compare solutions with unquestionable numbers to make the right procurement decisions

  • New ways of allowing your Firewall, IPS/IDS and SIEM solutions to better concentrate on the tasks for which they were intended – saving you precious time and money.

Our event also showcased Ixia ThreatArmor – a new approach to cyber-security protection that no only reduces your network attack surface, it also allows your existing security solutions to concentrate on the core functions for which they were intended.

ThreatArmor automatically blocks all known bad IP addresses from entering the network; allowing you to save much time by reducing the need to manually keep your Firewall’s block list updated as and when new bad IP addresses and regions emerge.


ThreatArmor also blocks malware already on the network from communicating back to the source of the cyber-crime; further protecting the network and wider organisation from cyber-attacks.

You can learn more about ThreatArmor here, and click here to see what happened when we placed a ThreatArmor appliance in front of our own test lab network.

If you missed the event but would like to talk to us about improving the performance and resiliency of your cyber-security protection environment, or indeed Threat Armor to automatically block bad IP addresses and regions, please contact your Phoenix Datacom Account Manager, call us on (01296) 397 711 or fill out the short contact form here.