The sharp rise of homeworking means a sudden and sustained traffic spike for many company Firewalls to contend with, so how can you address this new and unforeseen IT headache?

There is no doubt that Firewalls are a cost-effect and convenient way of consolidating multiple security measures to one device, like Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention and SSL Decryption. What your Firewall Vendor might not have told you, is when you switch on an advanced feature (like SSL Decryption), latency will increase, and throughput and malware blocking will be reduced. Now think of the extra Firewall strain because of this new era of homeworking – suddenly addressing the performance Vs risk dilemma shoots up the list of priorities.

We can help you address this with our Xena Safire Enterprise Firewall Tester. This generates realistic traffic and users to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and clearly reveal how advanced features and traffic bursts can impact Firewall performance.


You can also use Safire to find out how new apps under consideration will affect Firewall performance. This will be particularly useful if you need to adopt new apps to cater for the change in work dynamic – because it’s all very well rolling out a new app, but you need to know how it will impact performance; especially if you need to decrypt and inspect the traffic.

And when it comes to Firewall software and firmware updates, Safire will let you run regression tests to make sure you don’t fall foul of unforeseen bug issues.

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