Threat sophistication and volumes continue to rise. Trying to find, stop and investigate the really damaging threats amongst the growing barrage of criminal cyber activity is one of the key challenges that SecOps Teams face today.

We have responded by introducing Automation to Security. To date this includes automatically:

  • Blocking all connections to and from known bad IP addresses

  • Testing network security layers against new threats and providing corrective instructions

  • Discovering and prioritising suspicious anomalies for investigation.

We are pleased to announce we have augmented our Better Security Through Automation capability by signing to provide and support Attivo Networks’ ThreatDefend early detection through deception platform.

Not to be confused with Honeypots that are designed to attract Bots and Brute Force Attackers, ThreatDefend enhances existing security measures by deceiving human attackers and advanced threats in to thinking they have reached their target destination. This enables you to detect, investigate and remove them as soon as they arrive because they have emerged in what appears to them to be a legitimate location.

Why Attivo Networks?

As a Value Added Reseller in the coal-face of security challenges seen by companies like yours, and with our unique Cyberlab for bringing real context to solutions customers have under consideration, we evaluate the options available in the market and partner with companies we believe to be the best available – in the case of Automated Detection through Deception; Attivo Networks.

This gives our customers further peace of mind that they’re in safe hands when upgrading security measures with Phoenix Datacom.

The short video below gives a brief introduction to Attivo’s deception techniques.

Our webinar below provides further information to Attivo’s deception techniques. The demo starts at 43:00.

More information

You can learn more about the Attivo Networks ThreatDefend™ solution here. If you’d like to tlak to us our request a demo, please complete the short form below:

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