ExtraHop – Application delivery assurance & business operational analytics

Extrahop brings together multiple points of a network to give you an all in one view. This view can then perform deep packet analysis and break open the protocols providing valuable information, from latency issues from a packet perspective right the way through to an error within an application.

Packet Capture, Network & Application Performance Monitoring  – Riverbed & Fluke

Our Network & Application Performance demonstrations will show you both a basic interface and how the packet capture system works. The demonstration will also show how you can retrieve Packet Capture files (PCAPs) – allowing you to easily analyse them for future business planning, troubleshooting and reporting – think Wireshark, but on steroids.  Demonstrations include Riverbed Cascade and Fluke Visual TruView.

OptiView XG – Automated Network & Application Analysis Tablet

The OptiView XG is a network Engineer’s tablet with dedicated custom hardware for automated network and application analysis in the deployment and troubleshooting of new technologies across your networks and data centres.

OptiView XG

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