Leading Japanese Hosting Service Provider, HyperBox has selected Ixia ThreatArmor to ease the load placed on its Intrusion Detection System (IDS) by automatically blocking known bad IP addresses from reaching its shared service network.

This also supports HyperBox’s initiatives to automate security operations by significantly reducing the many thousands of security alerts the security Engineers had to manually check on a daily basis. As ThreatArmor automatically blocks illegal (and therefore irrelevant) IP addresses from even reaching the Perimeter Firewall, it also removes the need to monitor and respond to alerts that only serve to cause trouble and unnecessarily consume many human-hours.

In the case of HyperBox, ThreatArmor reduces the number of daily security alerts from 1 million down to 200,000. This includes DDoS attacks, phishing and botnet connections and automated probes and scans.

ThreatARMOR allows HyperBox security Engineers to activate enhanced detection features on their existing security tools and better focus on the meaningful security alerts which indicate an active breach.

“ThreatARMOR’s easy-to-use management interface helped our security engineers fully understand our security posture and potential network vulnerabilities at any given time,” said Mr. Naoya Matsuura, the Engineer in charge of HyperBox’s Technology Division. “We used to spend a great deal of time chasing every alert generated by our firewall and IDS, but now we can focus on planning how to better serve our customers thanks to ThreatARMOR.”

Download the full case study

You can download the full case study here and read the press announcement here.

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