• Packet Capture Questionnaire

    To help us further understand the needs of the future market for Packet Capture, we ask that you assist us by completing the short questionnaire below.

    As a thank you for your assistance, we will enter your name to our prize draw to win 1 of 3 iPad Minis.

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  • Ixia ThreatArmor
    ThreatARMOR blocks bad IP addresses to enhance IDS capability for a Service Provider

    In the case of HyperBox, ThreatArmor reduces the number of daily security alerts from 1 million down to 200,000. This includes DDoS attacks, phishing and botnet connections and automated probes and scans.

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  • Need a new Firewall or IPS? Hold Fire!

    And by the way, new bad IP addresses emerge every single day – do you really want to manually update your Firewall rules at the same rate? Or would you prefer the block list to automatically update every 5 minutes?

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